Ireland / Photo of the Week

Fleeting Autumn Light

In all my years spent in Ireland, I found that the autumn season suits this island best. As the air turns colder, the countless shades of green change seemingly overnight along with it, and autumn brings a vast array of hues that rival even colours of New England vistas. The shortening days also reward you with wild blackberries, sweet as the best summer wine; they grow in hedgerows, on forest bushes, even on roadsides. So why not don your favourite woolen jumper and go foraging in the forests of County Wicklow? Follow the boardwalk from to the old monastic site of Glendalough and set out on one of the well-marked loop walks around the lakes to get the most of your experience. Marvel at Ireland’s highest waterfall and catch the dying evening light peeking over the Spinc ridge to the West.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Temporary.
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